A Very Special “Empty Theater” Blog

Yes that’s right, you don’t have to hear me aimlessly ramble about a 25 year old movie at the end of the blog. At least for this week anyway. Life is too short to follow these phantom rules I made for myself when I was depressed and clinging on to this website as a possible career endeavor. Internships? Who needs em’! Let me shoot the shit with you guys about a Mike Nichols movie!

For as much as I enjoy watching movies, I struggle to articulate my thoughts and analysis of them for the life of me. The experience is very cerebral for me. There’s an innate quality to the movies that I like and don’t like that can’t be summarized on text. Perfect for an aspiring writer. If I even had half of my own ability in disliking my college classmates put into writing something witty about what I watched on Wednesday night, I’d be golden. I had to put a lot of thought in writing that awkwardly botched description because idiots are outside yelling and bothering me.

As I came back to writing this a few days later, geopolitical affairs are going on or something like that. I try my best not to care, simply because life is too short. But per usual, my body never lets me relax, and part of me is legitimately anxious about war and escalating gas prices. But as I wrote about in my introduction to this blog, all out nuclear war would be a perfect excuse for me not succeeding in the life. Yes, I can say with a straight face that I’d rather be in the throes of a global apocalypse than apply for a job. This says nothing about the state of the economy for undergraduates relative to the weakness of myself. My issues are my own nuclear disaster. It’s good that I have a thoughtful and intelligent therapist. Oh, wait, he just left me to pursue a new job. I told him it was better for his own mental health not to hear my woes.

The fact that I worry about politics and current events is a sign that in the moment, nothing else is bothering. At this precise point in time, no one is blasting music, slamming the door, yelling in the hallways. That will change soon, and then I’ll forget Ukraine even exists.

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