The Update

It’s easy to say that you want this blog to be continuously active and inspiring. It’s very easy, actually, to the point that you can get reckless about it. I hate that this website hasn’t been updated with a new post since March. A high level of confidence in January slowly waned to doubt in February, all the way to writing myself off in March. I coulda been a contender! I coulda been somebody! This was my line of thinking in February. By March, I was thinking, “Terry Malloy and Jake LaMotta were lucky. They HAD a chance. I was doomed from the start!”

Not to turn this into The New York Times best selling self-help author hour, but this mindset will get you nowhere. I’m not reinventing the wheel here. On a good day, I want to talk about the ethos of an 80s Clint Eastwood joint. I don’t write particularly funny, and I take movies too seriously as it is already in my everyday life, so I ought to just have at it with writing completely sincerely. There’s enough hacky material at the expense of a variety of films online and on an Oscars telecast. 

I sure hope a miracle comes my way, because the older I get, I’ll start beating up on myself when I remember that Spielberg was 26 when he directed Jaws and P.T Anderson was 27 on the set of Boogie Nights. I’m lucky to be cooking dinner for myself by 26.

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