A Journey Through Cinema….and the Apocalypse

No matter what angle you stare at it from, my world is spiraling into the abyss of the unknown, but more likely than not, a disaster. Everyone told me that being in your early twenties would suck, but I figured good grades and laying off the booze would spare me. I’m about as prepared for the post-college world as Alec Baldwin was to fire a gun on the set of Rust. I’m afraid of just about everything that the real world has in store for me. I miss when I thought the novel coronavirus was merely bad P/R for Corona beer when it was briefly covered on the 6:00 news. Truthfully, because of my uninspiring social life, the pandemic hasn’t affected me all that much, but don’t tell that to my anxiety machine because it doesn’t listen. Sometimes I can laugh at the absurdity of our times. Take this for example: if we’re getting that kind of a police presence for not showing your papers at an Applebee’s, then just give us the Dr. Strangelove ending, but even that might be too dignified for us. Most of the time, I think about how I foolishly thought we escaped from the madness in the summer of 2021. This moment in the pandemic is like if Andy Dufresne ran into the Warden at the bank.

Despite all of my own issues, I always find my way back to movies, to both heal myself and perhaps detrimentally stalling any progress on my future life endeavors. But hey, god only knows where this exercise could lead to, maybe something that could catch me a break.

Every week, I’ll talk about the movies I recently watched. The films I watch range anywhere from something brand new released on Netflix to a 40s noir playing on the Criterion Channel. I want to talk about the state of the film industry and its demise in the throes of the Content Empire, and encourage people to watch more movies beyond whatever Disney relieves from their body. Think of this as the mantra to this blog, but movies, and I’m talking mainstream movies that used to earn $100 million at the box office, can be SO much better than they are now.

This is the cheapest, yet most effective form of therapy I have at my disposal. So you better believe I’m gonna sprinkle in my own woes and frustrations, justified or not, into my home cinema viewing experience at The Empty Theater. 

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